Whatever is meant to happen, will happen. Don’t rush to fit in with everybody else. You aren’t everybody else. Be different. Take the path less traveled. So what if you are single, don’t try to force a relationship because you will only get hurt. It’s not your time yet, don’t stray from your own path.

Everything you need in life is already inside of you, unwinding slowly, awaiting the perfect moment.

I didn’t make it in the Fire Department for the 3rd time now. Yeah, it’s a little frustrating. Acing the written exam, completing the physical exam, and passing the ergonomics portion. I’d be first pick in line if it weren’t for the Veterans getting bonus points. I could bitch and cry but that wouldn’t get me anywhere in life. I’ve come to the realization that it just isn’t my time yet. There are other obstacles God has given me that I first need to encounter before I get there. So I will stay my course and be persistent, for what is meant to happen, will happen.

You’re not getting left behind. You’re gaining everything you need to achieve it. – Eddie

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