I apologize for falling off the face of the earth last week, I wasn’t feeling well at all. (Blames stupid Texas weather) I’m back now and hope everybody had a Blessed Christmas.

Ever been in a footrace with somebody and you’re losing by the hair on your chinny-chin-chin? That feeling exactly is how you need to start 2017, hit the wall running. If you don’t already have a gameplan for next year you’re already behind.

This isn’t about a stupid resolution, it’s about a commitment. Stop saying it’s a resolution, look at how far last years “resolution” got you. Commit to something. Commitment means much more than a word you hear every December.

Be the last to go to sleep, and the first one up. Go the extra mile. Never sell yourself short.

Don’t forget to smell the roses either.

Training like your in second place can be interpreted as never being good enough and that can often wreck havoc. Keep your head up high, be confident, enjoy the day like you’re the king. You’ve worked your ass off, you deserve it.

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