Legs can be tricky to grow but as soon as you get on the right regimen the legs are the easiest to grow due to the size of the muscle. Of course in order to grow you must eat enough to rebuild the muscle tissue. The easiest way to excel muscle growth in the leg is to split up your Quads from your Hamstrings. In other words, have one specific day to train the Quadriceps and another to train solely the Hamstrings. If your legs are very underdeveloped compared to your upper body, or you want to see the biggest change in your lower body work out your legs 3X a week. (Ex)


Week 1

Mon- Quads

Wed- Hams

Fri- Quads

Week 2

Mon- Hams

Wed- Quads

Fri- Hams

Continue to rotate as the weeks go on.

On each leg day also include working out one head of the shoulder. Since you will have 3 days a week to work out legs, you can also work out one head of the shoulder. The shoulder is a smaller muscle group that doesn’t need an entire day to itself to grow. This will allow you to have enough days to work out Chest, Back, and Arms. (The “fun” muscle groups)

Mon- Anterior (front)

Wed- Lateral

Fri- Posterior (rear)

  • or any other combination you choose


Typical Quadriceps Exercises Include:

Hack squats

Barbell Squats

3/4 Dumbbell Lunges 

Leg Extensions 

Goblet Squats

Sissy Squats


Typical Hamstrings Exercises Include:

Romanian Deadlifts (RDL) lighter weight (Not Straight Leg) 

Good Mornings 

Leg Curls

Dumbbell RDL 

Deep Barbell Lunges (Your glutes will thank me later)

Dumbbell Hamstring Curl (Full Range of Motion) 


On Quad day superset every exercise with narrow Goblet squats, decent weight 10-12 repetitions.

On Ham day superset every exercise with narrow Dumbbell RDLs decent weight 10-12 repetitions.

The final exercise every leg day will be 2 sets to the antagonist’s muscle. If it is Quad day than the final exercise will focus on the Hamstring. These are called Trigger Sessions, Which will be a write-up for another day. The purpose of this is to send blood to the muscle to promote growth and reduce soreness and the ability to complete the upcoming leg day. The 2 sets will be a lighter weight with the intent to send as much blood into the muscle as possible. Slow and controlled motions with a repetition range of 15-20. The purpose of this is to not push hard and expect soreness from it but to warm up the muscle and have your body anticipate the upcoming workout.

* Calves deserve a write-up of their own due to their stubbornness, will come in the near future.


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