High-Intensity Interval Training, most commonly known as  (H.I.I.T) is a method of exercise designed to target decreasing body fat. Just as the name explains it, HIIT is constructed to perform an exercise of higher intensity, for reduced time frame with adequate rest in between.

Low-Intensity Steady State or L.I.S.S is the opposite. LISS uses a lower intensity for a prolonged period of time.

They both come into importance at different times, but if you’re like me and have a million of other things to do before the sun sets, HIIT would be perfect for you.

HIIT is a time efficient workout that can be performed almost anywhere, whether you’re at the gym and only have an hour to workout, or if you’re at home and have a few minutes to spare before your child’s nap time is over.

Most people are unaware of this style of training so I will do my best in explaining the concept and example exercises thoroughly and efficiently. fitness_girl_doing_cardio_stairmaster


I have seen plenty of people put in tens of hours on stair masters, treadmills, ellipticals. I too have spent countless hours, step by step, on a stair master, but my KETOGENIC diet needed to perform LISS instead of HIIT.







The benefits from HIIT are plenty and include, time efficient, full body workout, energized, at-home workouts and much more.




The purpose of the HIIT is to raise your heart rate to levels above the fat burning zone. Exercising for 30 minutes with your heart rate at 50% higher than normal, (LISS) will burn fewer calories than exercising for 15 minutes, at 70%-80% heart rate with rest periods in between.

The body will undergo a heavier stress under HIIT which will cause it to adapt quicker, which includes faster muscle growth, better stamina, endurance, and better cognitive function.

Typical examples of HIIT exercises can be as simple as a 30-second exercise at a higher intensity and 1-minute of another exercise at a lower intensity, one low enough to allow you to recuperate. As your endurance grows higher you can extend to 40 seconds, or decrease your rest time. As you move up in stamina you could possibly include 3 exercises at the higher intensity, then followed by the rest exercise until your time has elapsed. Due to HIIT being extremely strenuous on the body, there in no need to exceed any time frame longer than 30 minutes.

Top HIIT Exercises


Box Jumps

Speed Latter



Jumping Lunges

Running Bleachers

Squat Jumps

High Knees

Speed Walking

Mountain Climbers

Duck Walks

Top Rest Exercises


Jump Rope



Russian Twists


Start at a slow pace and record how you feel and perform, gradually increase exercises and duration of each. Sooner than you know you’ll be in the best shape of your life. Don’t give up on yourself, you owe your body more than you thank. Take care of it.


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