All the iPhones come with the Podcast application already installed, and I’ve gone years without understanding what it did exactly and I am sure you’ve done the same. Whether you’re into cooking, fitness, art, dogs, music, or sports, there’s a podcast for you. Heck, there’s even a podcast to help you study for your chemistry test next week. (NOT LYING)

Podcasts are generally additional information for you learn, almost like an audiobook or talk show. It is beneficial for those wanting to learn more, but their schedule is a little tighter than most to put aside time to read.

The easiest places to listen to podcasts would be in the car, at the gym, during your break at work and even right before bed.

Find what DRIVES you and embrace it.

The top 3 Podcasts I listen to are:

The Hustle Sold Separately 

The School of Greatness 

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

You work 8-5 Mon-Fri, but your passion lies with something else. Chase that something else, surround yourself with things that make you happy.

Don’t know what your passion is, then build yourself and apply new knowledge.  What are you getting out of listening to your favorite music station on your 30-minute drive to work? You’re either listening to the nonsense of “Carmen”, or “Billy” speaking of the nonsense of others.

Your hourglass doesn’t stop, every grain of sand that passes through is permanent. Be wise on how you spend your grains of sand. -Eddie

Top Dead Center Fitness

B & E Photography 



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