Friday night is right around the corner, and you’re wedged between a rock and a hard place. The coworkers are inviting you for drinks at the bar after work, but you don’t want to miss out, nor backtrack all of the progress you made this week. Alcohol and fitness don’t quite get along, they are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Although this is true, your life shouldn’t be fitness, and fitness shouldn’t be your life. This being said, there is no perfect life, no ideal way to live, we make decisions at times that are correct and ones that teach us. The strive for a perfect life will only steal from us, memories and friends.

There will be a decision to be addressed at those times, one in which you will need to choose which has the most value to you. Will the satisfaction of drinking a few cold ones with your coworkers outweigh the hard work and effort you’ve put in this last week?

How alcohol affects the body

When you are trying to undergo a change, whether it be to lose body fat or to gain muscle, alcohol slows down the change you are trying to make. When you indulge in alcohol, the body perceives it as poison, it ceases all other unnecessary functions such as muscle growth and fat loss.

If you don’t already know the gym isn’t where the growth occurs. Growth occurs outside of the gym, when your body is no longer under that tremendous stress. The same goes with losing body fat.

While you’re consuming alcohol the body stops the muscle building process, you are no longer getting stronger, growing, and you cannot recover fully. So the strenuous squats that you put your very soul in, is maimed by the very beverage in your hand.

When you are trying to cut down body fat, alcohol works the very same way. When you are at rest body fat is constantly being converted into glucose (Energy) ready to be used by the body. However, when alcohol is introduced, the body’s main focus is to get rid of the poison, putting fat-loss on the back burner.

A common misconception of drinking is that liquor contains no calories.

Liquor, in fact, does contain calories called alcohol calories. While it may be substantially less, where it hurts you most is in the process of expelling it from the body.


There are many fine lines, in life itself. Many times you will cross those lines, over, and over, and over. The beauty, though, lies in its balance. It takes a while, so don’t give up. Those decisions will have to be made on your own when they present themselves. I’m not saying never drink, but always be conscious of it and what is at stake when you do. Each decision comes with a consequence one will always outweigh the other.


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