We’ve blinked and we’re already in the month of March. There are a lot of good things coming up this month, like Spring break, tax return season, the blooming of flowers if Texas keeps astray from a drought, and my sisters birthday (Monday, March 6th, tell her HB). As for the fitness world, March could either mean one step closer to that summer body or one step back.

Most resolutioners have already dropped.



Gave up. 

Are over it.


Or are “Just too busy now”. 

Any of these strike home?

I see it break down day by day at the gym. Going back to the typical cliche clique of gym douches, and I fit in quite well. (or so I’ve been told)

Truth is, I don’t like it this way.

I like seeing my old football coach at the gym trying to become a better leader for his athletes.

I like seeing my aunts and uncles taking the body pump and cardio classes.

I like seeing overweight people on machines striving for a healthier life.

I like seeing that skinny kid in High School on a mission to NOT be known as the skinny kid anymore.

I LOVE January because I see all of these people at once, but everybody gets so shot down when they don’t see immediate results. Results are hard to see, especially when by habit we look in the mirror every day.

It’s not easy guys, not one bit. It didn’t take a couple of days to benchpress 315lbs, to gain 15lbs of muscle, or to be able to perform squat without pain or discomfort.

This isn’t an easy path, one you cannot endure on your own. Without the support of family and friends, you won’t last long.

Sometimes it’s hard to get support from family, and maybe your friends don’t share the same belief as you. You’re not entitled to only 5 friends. Make new friends and grow alongside with them.

Almost everybody at the gym is in there for the same purpose that you are, to better themselves.

You already have one thing in common, there’s the icebreaker. Sure you both may look a little different. Hell maybe a lot different, but you don’t know the other persons’ backstory.

Say hi, usually that’s all you need to do. 99% of the time people would NOT mind a little conversation. Especially if it’s about working out, or the gym or what kind of food is best.

It’s not that difficult, maybe you will see that person there tomorrow and you’ll say hello.

You have to surround yourself with like-minded people. People who don’t drag you down, but those who lift you up.

There are numerous goals in life that you cannot accomplish on your own. Just keep in mind when that time does come, there is always a Co-Op button.


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