Low Self Esteem.

You name it, the list goes on and on.

It’s the motivation that gets us going, but sometimes that motivation becomes a poison. Every January, the gym gets a wave of people looking to change the way they look. This change comes with good intention but often comes with a great distortion.

I am living proof of this distortion, and there are thousands more guilty of the same evil.

You start off wanting change because you’re not happy with the way you look. Whether its stomach issues, flabby arms, jeans not fitting right, or tired of being the skinny kid, you HATE the way you look.

Hating your body will cause change, but that doesn’t guarantee it’ll all fall in your favor. Constantly looking in the mirror with disgust with your body image can help you skip the milk and cookies tonight, or kickstart the morning run tomorrow.

You’re determined and you WILL get there. No matter what the stake may be.

So what happens when you fail in reaching your goal.

All those things that you’ve told yourself in anger to motivate yourself, does that make them true because you couldn’t change?

Your self-esteem, your confidence, your determination, the value in your words and dreams all go down.

But what happens if you do reach your goal.

Good job you’ve accomplished what many wish they could. (Being Sincerely Honest)

You look back at where you started and it’s a magnificent difference, but you’re not happy yet… right? Your arms could be bigger, stomach could be flatter, your legs could be “toner”. (Pretty sure I made that word up)

So you continue with the hate on your body to see results, and you end up being caught in the damn thing called Body Dysmorphia. (Worth the read!)

This isn’t a race. You’re not in a competition.

This is your life.

Give yourself a little slack.

There’s no point in having the world’s best abs if it costs you giving up a loved one. There’s no point in having the biggest biceps if you never get the chance to wrap them around your little brother.

Instead of using HATE to fuel you, use LOVE.

What does that mean exactly… Don’t change your lifestyle because you hate the way you look, but change because you love yourself. Because you want to set an example to your kids. Because you have a high chance of Diabetes, and you want to see your grandkids grow up. Because you want to be able to walk when you’re 70 years old.

When you use love as fuel, you don’t feel guilty or feel any disgust. Your confidence and self-esteem go through the roof, even if you’re not done with your transformation. It changes your perspective completely, you begin to notice how far you’ve come, rather than how for you need to go.

Look in the mirror, pick up your shirt and see the pounds you’ve lost.

Look in the mirror, flex your arms and see the amount they’ve grown.

Look in the mirror, see the progress your legs have made.

Look in the mirror and love yourself.

It starts on the inside.


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