Hey guys, so I’ve been out of it for a few weeks now. Been focused on school, gym, work, family, truck, certificates, Youtube, and everything else you can think of, but that’s just an excuse right.

This is probably going to be the busiest year I’ve ever had, until next year, then the following year… you get the point. Eventually, it will get easier, all things do.

On the gym subject, I’ve recently trained with a few different people the past couple of weeks and boy have I learned a thing…or ten. I’ve done Powerlifting workouts, endurance workouts, Sprint training, hell I’ve even done a workout that was somewhat CROSSFIT-TY. If there was one thing that each and every single workout had in common was that each left me sore in places I never knew could get sore.

Powerlifting had my glutes cramping up two days after.

Endurance had my shoulders aching from constant tension.

Sprints had my sartorius, hip adductors, tibialis anterior, and ribs sore. (lol yes my ribs, I’ll explain below)

Crossfit-LIKE (NOT crossfit lol) workout left my obliques, lower back, and shoulders on a different level of soreness.

Each training session had me feeling like I have never worked out before in my life, and to think that I was “Fit” enough to do anything, but boy was I wrong.

Each different training style taught me how well rounded I’m not, and that you excel in what you practice. Where that can get you in trouble though is favoring in your specific training style and only that.

If you try to throw a bowling ball far, you will not do very well.

If you try to throw a whiffle ball far, you will not do any better.

But if you try to throw a baseball far, you will succeed. 

What’s the point of a Fire Fighter that can lift a broken support beam if he can’t even reach the 8th floor because of his lack of endurance.

I’m not just reaching out to being functional. I’m speaking to the competitors too.

Training at your same pace, style, and comfort may work good for you, but 1 year down the road of training same way might have hindered from you some serious growth.

The fast twitch muscle fibers that activate from the sprints you do can add detail to muscles you’ve never touched before.

The hormones that get secreted from working with heavier weights can add overall size.

The different muscles being used to stabilize yourself in a Crossfit-like workout can add definition to your obliques and abdominals.

The results are endless, don’t get stuck in a rut of a routine. Workout with another person and see what you can learn from them.

Try new movements.

Make new friends.

Even the smallest tweaks can make the biggest difference.


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