Arrived here on September 16, 1993 in San Antonio, Texas. Like most teenage boys, I instantly fell in love with sports. It started with baseball at our local pony league and went on to cross country, track, baseball, and of course football. However in a blink of an eye, I was out of all athleticactivities my junior year. During one unlucky play as a running back, an odd twisting tackle broke my left fibula.

The worst year of my life. Three months without applying pressure to my left leg. Three months of rehabilitation, as if Muscular Atrophy wasn’t bad enough. I came back senior year to finish up the season, but I was never the same. I didn’t play much; I wasn’t as fast or as strong. I only stayed on the team was because of the brotherhood that my teammates and I built. That yearmy time off the field was spent in the training room. I focused on range of motion, ankle mobility, stability, and lastly emphasized on weight training.

Little did I know, that tackle on May 10th, was the biggest blessing that I have ever received. Without God guiding me in a different direction I would’ve never encountered Health and Fitness which molded who I am today. -Eddie Villarreal


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“You Are What You Do Repeatedly Everyday. If Excellence Is Something You’re Striving For, Then It’s Not An Accident. It’s A Habit.” -Greg Plitt