What Exactly is BFR Training??

With all these weird names like super-sets, drop-sets, micro-sets, dragon-sets, HIIT, and LISS, it feels as if people are making these up as they go. There is one that caught my eye a few months ago and I've incorporated it into my workouts since. Blood Flow Restriction Training (not occlusion training) is a method to promote…Read more What Exactly is BFR Training??

Forward Friday- Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams

We're on the Fourth week of April and you're "just done". I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one feeling like this. With finals for college right around the corner, along with my full-time job, not to mention the NASM test that is in June, and keeping up with all of yall. Yeah, surprised doesn't even begin…Read more Forward Friday- Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams

Love Your Body, Don’t Hate It​

Hate. Uncomfortable. Unsatisfactory. Low Self Esteem. You name it, the list goes on and on. It's the motivation that gets us going, but sometimes that motivation becomes a poison. Every January, the gym gets a wave of people looking to change the way they look. This change comes with good intention but often comes with a…Read more Love Your Body, Don’t Hate It​